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5 Minutes Shaping Technique

5 Minutes Shaping Technique




Every microblading, SPMU and brows technician is struggling to pre-draw the perfect shape prior the treatment.  Sometimes the pre-draw can take up to 1 hour before you can finally start… this means for tattoing procedure you can loose all the potential effect of the pre-numbing, but also give you anxiety and stress if you are back to back with clients.  How many times your client was having “something to complain” of the shape you just drawn? How many times you noticed one brow was different to the other one and you was not able to fix it or notice WHERE TO FIX?  We here to help! Our 5 minutes technique shaping training is here. In only 5 minutes (or less) you will be able to create BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT, EVEN brows and you are ready to start! TIME IS MONEY.. why waist it? Save time during your procedure means you will reduce your working hours and so, increase your hourly wage
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