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Cellulite – Complete treatment kit

Cellulite – Complete treatment kit




• Adipogras – 200 ml.

Attacks excess of fat on three fronts:
Adipogenesis; the formation of mature adipocytes.
Lipolysis; the liberation of fat.
Lipogenesis; the synthesis of fat.

The triple action provides a global solution to combat the problem of fat in the adipose tissue on all three fronts at once, with visible short-term results.

• Anti-cellulite lotion – 200 ml.

An excellent anti-cellulite lotion due to its highly concentrated guarana, fucus and ruscus, it has great power to penetrate the skin and disintegrate accumulation of fat, leaving skin firm and taut.

• Body firming – 200 ml.

Reaffirming body gel (with Dmae). Contains vegetable extracts, with a tensing effect on the fibres of the skin. It reaffirms and leaves skin taut and young, does not stain and so allows contact with clothing after its application.

• Mud with algae – 120 g.

Especially for anti-cellulite, toning and microcirculatory treatments. Seaweed possesses a soothing effect with a high capacity for absorption. Purifies the skin and favours hydration and nourishment. Reduces flaccidity and acts upon stretchmarks and cellulitis. Contains mineral salts and dietary elements which our organism needs to facilitate regeneration of the cells. Activates circulation, cleans and eliminates impurities in the skin to a depth, oxygenates and frees the skin of toxins. Mud, besides, has multiple and interesting applications for our organism, favours the regeneration of the skin, hydrating, nourishing and providing all the minerals and dietary elements it needs.


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