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Eco Nua Water

Eco Nua Water


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Masterly combination of essential oils in the form of hydrolytes with toning, humidifying, refreshing and hydrating properties for the skin. Maintains the humidity of the skin bringing elasticity and firmness. Provides calming properties for after exposure to the sun and external aggression such as wind, cold etc. Especially for preparing skin as a daily tonic.

Ylang-ylang: Acts against the signs of age and ageing of the skin.
Petitgrain: Stimulates cellular regeneration.
Bulgari rose: Calming and anti-inflammatory, it protects the skin from free radicals which are responsible for ageing of cells.
Patchouli: Effective in the treatment of wrinkling, toning and re-affirming.
Lavender: Holds calming, antiseptic and regenerating properties.



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