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Semi-Permanent Make Up (SPMU) – Electrical Micropigmentation

Semi-Permanent Make Up (SPMU) – Electrical Micropigmentation




COURSE OVERVIEW: SPMU is a process where a micropigmentation technician applies colored pigment to the client’s eyebrows, lips or eyeliner, using a variety of different needles that are attached to a handheld pen, and operated by a machine.Eyebrows Nanostrokes, Ombre Brows, Lip Contour and Lip Blush, Lash Enhancement and Eyeliner. Different techniques from basic to advanced will be shown. During the training, students will be taught how to achieve quality SPMU (Semi permanent Make Up) results. We will explain how to carry out Micropigmentation treatments with minimal skin injury, and to achieve the most natural-looking and long-lasting results.

The course is ABT accredited, the UK’s leading accreditors in the beauty industry. This means you will be able to obtain industry insurance and start your new career as soon as you have completed your training in full.

COURSE DURATION:5-day course for complete beginners plus assessment/assignment


  • Anatomy & Physiology: The skin and face, lymph system, immune system
  • Health, Safety & Salon Hygiene: Your duty of care, regulations, licensing, sterilization, disinfection & needle disposal
  • Client Consultation: Managing expectations, contraindications, record keeping, patch testing, medical issues to consider pain control, aftercare and follow up treatments
  • Equipment: Getting to know the tools, blade choice, and additional equipment required for treatments, setting up your work area
  • Color Theory: Identifying skin tones, choosing colors and tones, mixing colors, controlling color performance in the skin, working on ethnic skin types
  • Pain Control: Legal options available and their application
  • Perfect brow, eyeliner and lip positioning and shaping
  • Client Aftercare
  • Treatment application: Enhancing SPMU applicable areas
  • Practice on real models (provided)
  • Marketing
  • Professional photo guidance



COURSE COST £2500 including VAT

ADDITIONAL: Pre-course study notes supplied; Starter kit included

INSURANCE: Please note, for Microblading and Micropigmentation treatments you should not have problems in finding an insurance which covers you, but most insurance companies require you to hold your certificates for at least 6 months or having at least 6 months experience in needling before covering you. This often happen if you do not have any previous experience/certifications such Level 3 A&P or Level 3 Beauty. It is your responsibility to check and find out with your insurance company prior enrolling for our training course. The  White Clinic Dermomedica has not liability in case you will not able to find an Insurance Company which can cover you and no refunds/deductions will be given in case you can’t find insurance which is covering you or in case you have to enrol for more training courses. 
LICENCE: It is your responsibility to check and find with your local Council which ones are the requirements for you to provide treatments for what you have enrolled your training course with us. The  White Clinic Dermomedica has not liability in case you will have to enroll for more training courses in order to provide treatments in your local Council and no refunds/deductions will be given.


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