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COURSE OVERVIEW: Micro needling is the next big thing to hit the aesthetics industry. A treatment that is carried out by piercing of the skin in many areas, by a device known as a dermal roller or derma stamp. Making tiny piercings to the skin causes trauma to the face and encourages cell regrowth and stimulates new collagen deposition. This treatment causes little to no bruising and can do wonders to sunken areas of the skin, fine lines discolouration and general rejuvenation of the skin.

ACCREDITATION: The course is CPD accredited, the UK’s leading accreditors in the beauty industry. This means you will be able to obtain industry insurance and start your new career as soon as you have completed your training in full.


– Skin structure
– Equipment and stock list
– Treatment benefits
– Treatment areas
– Risks and side effects
– Contra-indications
– Complications
– Aftercare
– Client suitability
– Expected results
– Preparation
– Managing expectations
– Client consultation
– Hygiene, sharps disposal and legal aspects
– Roller and stamp techniques
– Live models


COURSE PRICE: £350 incl. VAT

ADDITIONAL: pre-course study material supplied

INSURANCE AND LICENSE: It is the student’s responsibility to check and find a reliable Insurance company prior enrolling for any of our training courses, as well to check and confirm with your local Council which ones are the requirements for you to provide treatments for what you have enrolled your training course with us. The White Clinic Dermomedica has no liability in case student’s can’t be insured or licensed after completion of the training courses, but is able to recommend and guide the student in order to obtain both. Please email us for more info.