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Author: Fabio Miliucci

Laser Hair Removal


At White Clinic Dermomedica we take pride in introducing you to the revolutionary Super Hair Removal (SHR) technology—a breakthrough in permanent hair removal. Our clinic is dedicated to providing you with a superior and painless solution, setting the gold standard in the market.

Key Benefits of SHR Technology:

  1. Painless and Safe:
    SHR technology prioritizes your comfort, offering a completely painless alternative to traditional hair removal methods. Additionally, it stands out as the safest option currently available on the market. Our trained professionals use the latest technology to ensure a secure and comfortable experience for every client.
  2. Efficiency and Timeliness:
    Experience the efficiency of SHR technology, which releases 20-30 shots per second. This remarkable speed makes the treatment significantly faster compared to traditional methods. Depending on the treated area, sessions can be completed in as little as 5 minutes, allowing you to conveniently schedule a treatment during your lunch break. A full face SHR treatment typically takes only 15 minutes, while both legs can be treated within 30 minutes on average.
  3. Low Fluence Light vs. IPL:
    One of the distinctive features of SHR is its use of low fluence light during treatment. This results in a warm sensation for clients, ensuring a comfortable experience. In contrast, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments may cause burns and discomfort, particularly for individuals with darker skin tones. SHR’s low fluence light sets it apart as a safer and more pleasant alternative.
  4. Year-Round Suitability:
    SHR technology’s unique approach involves heating and cooling hair follicles, making it effective for all skin types and even for fair-haired individuals. Unlike some traditional methods, SHR treatments can be performed even during the summer months when tans are present. This makes it a versatile and suitable solution for year-round hair removal needs.
  5. Long-Lasting Results:
    By causing long-lasting damage to hair follicles, SHR treatments prevent the regrowth of unwanted hair. This results in smoother skin for an extended period, reducing the need for frequent maintenance compared to traditional hair removal methods.
  6. Free Consultation and Patch Test:
    At White Clinic Dermomedica, we prioritize your satisfaction and safety. To ensure a personalized and worry-free experience, we offer a FREE consultation and patch test for all laser treatments, allowing you to explore the benefits of SHR technology with confidence.

Discover the confidence that comes with smooth, hair-free skin, courtesy of our advanced and painless SHR treatments. Embrace the future of permanent hair removal at White Clinic Dermomedica, where your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities.

NdYAG Laser Tattoo Removal

Welcome to The White Clinic Dermomedica, where we specialize in the meticulous art of tattoo removal utilizing the power of the Q-switched NdYAG laser. Below, we’ve crafted a set of essential questions and answers to provide you with insights into our advanced tattoo removal services and the cutting-edge technology that sets us apart.

Q: What makes The White Clinic Dermomedica a leader in tattoo removal, specifically with the Q-switched NdYAG laser?
A: Our clinics stands out for its expertise in harnessing the Q-switched NdYAG laser, renowned for its precision in targeting tattoo pigments. This advanced technology allows us to achieve optimal results, effectively breaking down ink particles for a gradual and thorough removal process.

Q: How does the Q-switched NdYAG laser work in tattoo removal?
A: The Q-switched NdYAG laser emits high-intensity light pulses in nanoseconds, specifically targeting tattoo pigments. This rapid and focused energy breaks down the pigments into smaller particles, facilitating the body’s natural elimination process.

Q: Is the Q-switched NdYAG laser suitable for tattoos of varying colours and sizes?
A: Absolutely. The versatility of the Q-switched NdYAG laser makes it highly effective for a wide range of tattoo colours, including vibrant hues. Whether your tattoo is intricate or sizable, our skilled practitioners tailor the treatment plan to accommodate your unique needs.

Q: What is the experience like during a tattoo removal session with the Q-switched NdYAG laser?
A: Clients often describe the sensation as brief, similar to the snapping of a rubber band, accompanied by minimal discomfort. The precision of the laser technology ensures targeted treatment with minimal impact on surrounding skin.

Q: What sets The White Clinic Dermomedica apart in executing tattoo removal with the Q-switched NdYAG laser?
A: Our clinic’s commitment to excellence, combined with the precision of the Q-switched NdYAG laser, makes us a trusted choice for individuals seeking thorough and effective tattoo removal. Each session is tailored to your unique tattoo characteristics, ensuring optimal results.

Q: How many sessions are typically needed for effective tattoo removal?
A: The number of sessions varies based on factors such as tattoo size, colour complexity, and individual skin response. During the consultation, our practitioners provide a personalized treatment plan, offering transparency on the expected number of sessions required.

Embark on your journey to a tattoo-free canvas with confidence at The White Clinic Dermomedica. Schedule a consultation to explore the personalized solutions delivered through the precision of the Q-switched NdYAG laser.

HA Dermal Fillers

At The White Clinic Dermomedica, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey through our premier aesthetic enhancement services, specializing in the application of renowned dermal filler brands such as Juvederm, Teosyal, Stylage, Nexfill, and more. At our clinics, we merge the pinnacle of industry-leading brands with the expertise of our skilled practitioners to deliver exceptional results that redefine facial rejuvenation.

At The White Clinic Dermomedica, our practitioners are distinguished by their exceptional qualifications. Each practitioner is either a qualified medical professional or holds a Level 7 Aesthetic qualification, ensuring expertise and proficiency in delivering top-notch aesthetic services. Your care is in the hands of skilled professionals dedicated to providing you with a safe and personalized experience.

As the hands of time gently shape our narrative, the natural aging process unfolds, causing the skin to lose its elasticity and intrinsic hydration. Complemented by the persistent forces of gravity, this journey gives rise to facial lines, wrinkles, and sagging. Within the sanctuary of The White Clinic Dermomedica, we offer a sophisticated solution—dermal fillers crafted to restore youthful radiance and amplify facial volume.

Our commitment extends beyond mere wrinkle reduction, embracing the versatile potential of dermal filler treatments. Entrust us with the enhancement of various facial areas, including the lips, chin, cheeks, jawline, under-eye region, and nose. Moreover, our expertise encompasses the art of refining scars, showcasing the comprehensive and nuanced approach that defines our services.

At The White Clinic Dermomedica, we take pride in offering a holistic experience that seamlessly integrates the efficacy of leading dermal filler brands with the artistry of our practitioners. Our commitment to utilizing the most popular and trusted brands underscores our dedication to ensuring your journey towards facial revitalization is not only effective but also surpasses your expectations.

In addition to our comprehensive range of dermal filler treatments, we proudly offer specialized techniques tailored to your unique needs. Experience the allure of the Russian Lips technique, indulge in Lip Fillers for a plump and defined pout, sculpt your facial contours with Jawline, Chin, and Cheek fillers, and bid farewell to nasolabial and marionette lines. Elevate your aesthetic journey further with tear trough filler treatments, each administered with precision and care to enhance your natural beauty.

Step into the refined ambiance where beauty meets precision, and let The White Clinic Dermomedica redefine your aesthetic narrative with a bespoke array of services designed to accentuate and restore your unique radiance.

PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma

Revitalize Your Beauty with Varied PRP Treatment Types at The White Clinic Dermomedica:

At The White Clinic Dermomedica, we pride ourselves on offering diverse Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment types, tailored to address specific aesthetic concerns. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, ensuring personalized solutions for both skin and hair rejuvenation.

Understanding PRP Treatment Types:

  1. Skin Rejuvenation:
    PRP therapy for skin rejuvenation is a game-changer in cosmetic dermatology. This treatment harnesses the regenerative power of platelets to stimulate collagen and elastin production, resulting in improved skin texture, reduced fine lines, and enhanced overall radiance. It is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure that delivers natural and youthful results without the need for synthetic substances. This type of PRP treatment is ideal for those seeking to revitalize and refresh their facial appearance.
  2. Hair Plasma Treatment:
    PRP therapy for hair, often referred to as Hair Plasma Treatment, is designed to address hair loss and stimulate hair growth. The concentrated platelets are strategically injected into the scalp, promoting the rejuvenation of hair follicles, increased blood flow, and the production of thicker, healthier hair. This non-surgical approach is particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing hair thinning, and it offers a natural alternative to more invasive hair restoration methods.

Differences in PRP Treatment Types:

While both skin rejuvenation and hair plasma treatments utilize the regenerative properties of platelets, they are tailored to address distinct aesthetic concerns:

  • Skin Rejuvenation focuses on:
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improving skin texture and elasticity
  • Enhancing overall facial radiance
  • Hair Plasma Treatment aims to:
  • Stimulate hair follicle rejuvenation
  • Increase blood flow to the scalp
  • Promote thicker and healthier hair growth

Why Choose White Clinic Dermomedica for PRP Treatments?

  1. Specialized Expertise:
    Our team of experts at White Clinic Dermomedica brings specialized knowledge in both skin rejuvenation and hair plasma treatments, ensuring you receive the highest quality care for your specific needs.
  2. Personalized Approach:
    We recognize that each individual is unique, and our personalized approach ensures that your treatment is tailored to address your specific concerns and aesthetic goals.
  3. Safe and Natural:
    PRP treatments at White Clinic Dermomedica are derived from your own blood, minimizing the risk of side effects. This natural and safe approach aligns with our commitment to your well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions about PRP at White Clinic Dermomedica:

  1. Q: What is PRP, and how does it work?
    A: PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma, is a revolutionary treatment that utilizes your own blood to stimulate healing and rejuvenation. Platelets are concentrated through centrifugation and contain growth factors that promote tissue regeneration, collagen production, and overall revitalization.
  2. Q: Is PRP safe? Are there any side effects?
    A: Yes, PRP is considered safe as it utilizes your own blood, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions or side effects. It is a non-invasive and well-tolerated procedure. Any potential side effects are typically mild and temporary.
  3. Q: How long does a PRP treatment session take?
    A: PRP treatment sessions are generally quick and efficient. The duration can vary depending on the specific treatment type but typically ranges from 30 minutes to an hour.
  4. Q: Is there any downtime after a PRP treatment?
    A: PRP treatments are minimally invasive, and downtime is minimal. You may experience mild redness or swelling, but these effects usually subside within a day or two.
  5. Q: How many sessions are needed to see results with PRP treatments?
    A: The number of sessions required varies based on individual goals and the specific treatment type. However, many clients notice improvements after just one session. A personalized treatment plan will be discussed during your consultation.
  6. Q: Are PRP treatments suitable for everyone?
    A: PRP treatments are generally suitable for a wide range of individuals. However, a consultation is necessary to assess your specific needs, medical history, and suitability for the procedure.
  7. Q: Can PRP be combined with other cosmetic treatments?
    A: Yes, PRP can be combined with other cosmetic treatments to enhance overall results. Our experienced team will discuss personalized combination options during your consultation. At The White Clinic Dermomedica, we do combine often PRP Therapy with Microneedling or Mesotherapy.
  8. Q: How long do the results of PRP treatments last?
    A: The longevity of results varies, but many clients enjoy sustained benefits for several months. Maintenance sessions may be recommended to optimize and prolong the effects.
  9. Q: Is there any pain associated with PRP treatments?
    A: PRP treatments are generally well-tolerated and minimally painful. Some clients may experience mild discomfort.

Embark on a journey of personalized beauty at White Clinic Dermomedica. Whether you seek skin rejuvenation or hair plasma treatment, our expert team is dedicated to helping you achieve your desired aesthetic results with precision and care. Schedule a consultation today and discover the transformative power of PRP treatments tailored just for you.


Microblading is a tattooing technique in which a small handheld tool made up of several tiny needles is used to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin. Microblading differs from standard eyebrow tattooing because each hair stroke is created by hand producing thin, natural looking lines.
It is typically used on eyebrows to attempt to either create, enhance, or reshape the appearance of the eyebrows. Microblading deposits pigment into the upper region of the epidermis, so it fades more rapidly than traditional tattooing techniques, which deposit pigment deeper into the dermis.

We have been proudly offering Microblading services since 2017. Our clinic boasts a team of skilled artists, recognized by PhiBrows and VTCT, ensuring the highest standards of expertise and precision in the art of Microblading.

What Sets Us Apart:

PhiBrows Recognition:
At The White Clinic Dermomedica, our artists are proud PhiBrows professionals. PhiBrows is a prestigious brand synonymous with excellence in the Microblading industry. PhiBrows artists undergo rigorous training and adhere to strict standards, ensuring a commitment to quality and artistic precision. This recognition signifies our dedication to delivering natural, symmetrical, and aesthetically pleasing eyebrows tailored to each individual.

VTCT Accreditation:
In addition to PhiBrows recognition, our artists are accredited by VTCT (Vocational Training Charitable Trust), a leading awarding organization in the beauty and aesthetics sector. VTCT accreditation reinforces our commitment to professionalism and industry-standard practices, assuring clients of the highest quality service.

Our Microblading Service:
Since 2017, we have been crafting beautiful and natural-looking eyebrows through the art of Microblading. This semi-permanent technique involves meticulously creating hair-like strokes to enhance and define eyebrows, resulting in a realistic and customized appearance. Our skilled artists understand the importance of individual features, face shape, and personal preferences, ensuring that each client leaves with confidence in their perfectly tailored brows.

Discover the transformative power of Microblading at The White Clinic Dermomedica, where our PhiBrows-recognized and VTCT-accredited artists are dedicated to creating stunning and timeless brows for every client. Book a consultation to experience the artistry and precision that have defined our Microblading services since 2017.


Revolutionizing Scalp Pigmentation with Tricopigmentation at White Clinic Dermomedica:

Embark on a transformative journey at The White Clinic Dermomedica, where our Scalp Pigmentation services redefine hair restoration through the cutting-edge technique of Micro Hair Pigmentation, also known as Tricopigmentation. This non-surgical treatment utilizes the latest technology to create the illusion of a full head of hair, offering a revolutionary solution to both men and women dealing with hair loss.

The Unique Approach of Tricopigmentation:

Tricopigmentation at The White Clinic Dermomedica is distinguished by its innovative and reversible nature. Unlike traditional tattoo methods, we use hypoallergenic pigments that do not cause allergic reactions. The treatment is non-permanent, with pigments gradually dissolving and fading over time, ensuring a natural and evolving look.

Key Features of Tricopigmentation at White Clinic Dermomedica:

  1. Results in Just 2 Hours:
    Experience visible results in as little as two hours. Our skilled tricopigmentation experts work efficiently to deliver immediate transformations, leaving you with a newfound sense of confidence.
  2. Reversible Solution:
    Tricopigmentation offers a reversible solution, giving you the flexibility to adapt your look over time. As your preferences evolve, so can your appearance.
  3. Natural Shaved Effect, Density, and Cover:
    Achieve a natural shaved effect with added density and coverage. Our meticulous application of pigments creates a seamless and realistic appearance that enhances your overall aesthetic.
  4. Non-Invasive and Painless Technique:
    Enjoy the journey to a fuller head of hair without the need for surgery. Tricopigmentation is a non-invasive and painless technique, ensuring a comfortable experience throughout the process.

Low Maintenance, High Impact:

Maintaining the tricopigmentation effect is hassle-free, with touch-ups required only every 2-3 years. This low-maintenance approach makes it a convenient and effective long-term remedy for hair loss.

Choose Confidence, Choose White Clinic Dermomedica:

At The White Clinic Dermomedica, we understand that confidence is the key to a fulfilling life. Our scalp pigmentation services go beyond the ordinary, offering a personalized and artistic approach to hair restoration. Join us in the pursuit of excellence, where innovation meets expertise, and every client’s unique journey is celebrated.

Schedule a consultation today and discover the transformative power of Tricopigmentation at White Clinic Dermomedica – where your renewed confidence awaits.

Permanent Make Up

Semi-permanent make-up, also known as micropigmentation, is a form of temporary
cosmetic tattooing which allows you to obtain long-lasting eyeliner and lip colour, as well as
being able to shape and contour your eyebrows
The procedure involves tiny particles of pigment being placed beneath the surface of the skin, much like a tattoo. This pigment will stay in the skin for a number of years, gradually breaking down and fading with time, although the longevity of the results will depend on your age and skin type.
Micropigmentation techniques have been refined in recent years and a wider selection of pigment colours have been developed so that technicians can create ultra-natural looks.

Only a trained semi-permanent make-up artist can perform this treatment. Many technicians are also beauty therapists or tattooists, but as this treatment requires special skills, it requires separate and specific training.

Medical Tattoo

Medical micropigmentation and medical tattooing treatments have a huge impact on how you feel – mentally and physically.
They provide a solution for skin traumas or areas of imperfection, offering visual enhancement and a long-lasting colour repair.
From areola and nipple reconstruction, to reducing the appearance of scars and vitiligo re-pigmentation, the results are tailored, natural-looking and simple to achieve.

Vitamin Shot Injections

Indulge in our diverse selection of vitamin shot injections, meticulously crafted to cater to your specific health and wellness requirements.

  1. Vitamin B Complex Injection (FAT BURNER):
    • Comprehensive blend of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B12.
    • Ideal for those looking to control body fat through active involvement in lipid/fat metabolism.
    • Suitable for injections in the deltoid or gluteal region.
  2. Biotin Injection (Vitamin B7):
    • Also known as Vitamin H, Biotin addresses a range of concerns, including hair thinning, damage, ageing skin, dryness, and nails damage.
    • Serves as a valuable ally for weight loss, energy boost, and immunity support.
    • Administered through injections in the deltoid or gluteal region.
  3. Vitamin B12 Injection:
    • Packed with benefits like increased energy, improved memory, and support for healthy red blood cells, nervous system, hair, skin, and nails.
    • Ideal for injections in the deltoid or gluteal region.
    • Vital for individuals experiencing signs of deficiency such as fatigue, muscle weakness, unexplained weight loss, and more.
  4. Vitamin C Injection:
    • Known for its immune-boosting properties and promotion of healthy skin and collagen formation.
    • Suitable for injections in the deltoid or gluteal region.

Rejuvenate your body and invigorate your well-being with our precisely formulated vitamin injections. Choose the targeted areas that best suit your needs – whether it’s the deltoid or glutes – and experience the transformative benefits of our vitamin shot injections.


Superbrows is a bespoke technique created by Valeria in brows micropigmentation.

Brows are naturally light at the front, a bit more consistent in the middle part, and then lighter in the tail.

Thanks to her knowledge and experience, Valeria has created a new brow style which is a combo of Microblading manual technique and Shaded machine technique. Our clients love it and most of them (around 70%) do not require any follow up after the first treatment. This means you can achieve a beautiful natural but defined look in just ONE SESSION with no downtime.


Here at The White Clinic Dermomedica we offer a wide range of facials, and each one is designed to make you look and feel more radiant, rejuvenated and youthful. Come and try our Organic Vegan Facial with Extraction, with natural and organic products perfect for any skin type, even the most sensitive. We also offer facial treatments aimed at treating acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines such as Microneedling, Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, Ultrasonic, Chemical Peels, High Frequency, and more. Besides facials, we also offer waxing treatments both for men and women, and we use both hot wax and strip wax to make the experience as painless as possible. Massages will be available also soon..


Carboxytherapy, also known as Carbon Dioxide Therapy, is a procedure akin to mesotherapy. This innovative technique involves the precise injection of medical-grade CO2 either intradermally or subcutaneously. When injected into subcutaneous layers, it enhances the appearance of adipose tissue, while injections into the dermis target wrinkles, stretch marks, and under-eye circles. Carboxytherapy boasts multiple benefits, including the improvement of neovascularization and blood flow, stimulation of collagen production, activation of receptors associated with natural lipolysis, and enhancement of skin tightening to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Moreover, this treatment promotes scalp circulation, directly influencing hair growth. Experience the rejuvenating effects of Carboxytherapy at The White Clinic Dermomedica.

Q: What is Carboxytherapy, and how does it work? A: Carboxytherapy is a non-invasive treatment that involves the infusion of medical-grade carbon dioxide gas just beneath the skin’s surface. This stimulates blood flow, enhances oxygenation, and encourages collagen production, promoting skin rejuvenation.

Q: What concerns can Carboxytherapy address? A: Carboxytherapy is versatile and effective for various concerns, including cellulite reduction, stretch mark improvement, and skin tightening. It is also used for facial rejuvenation to enhance collagen synthesis.

Q: What makes Carboxytherapy unique compared to other treatments? A: Unlike some treatments, Carboxytherapy addresses concerns at a cellular level, promoting natural healing and collagen formation. It is minimally invasive, requiring no downtime, making it a convenient and effective option.

Q: How long is a Carboxytherapy session, and how many sessions are typically needed? A: Each session generally takes around 30 minutes, depending on the area treated. The number of sessions varies based on individual goals and the specific concern being addressed.

Q: Is there downtime after Carboxytherapy? A: Downtime is minimal. Clients can typically resume their daily activities immediately after the session. Some may experience mild redness or swelling, which usually subsides shortly.

Q: What kind of results can be expected from Carboxytherapy? A: Results vary, but many clients report improved skin texture, reduced cellulite, and enhanced tightness. Optimal results are often seen after a series of sessions.

Q: Is Carboxytherapy suitable for everyone? A: Carboxytherapy is generally safe for most individuals. However, a consultation is essential to ensure suitability, especially for those with specific medical conditions or concerns.

Discover the revitalizing benefits of Carboxytherapy at The White Clinic Dermomedica. Book a consultation to explore how this non-invasive treatment can rejuvenate your skin, addressing various concerns with precision and efficacy.

Bio Filler Enhancement with Plasma Gel

Bio Filler Enhancement with Plasma Gel :
Bio Filler with Plasma Gel is  ground-breaking regenerative procedure that can be used to restore volume and shape in the face, hands, breasts, and buttocks. It uses a gel derived from your own blood, thus eliminating any risk of side effects or allergic reactions. The gel adds plumpness to areas that have lost volume, also smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is ideal for vegans and for individuals who suffer from allergies. Results are individual and can last up to 2 years with a course of treatments.

PDO Threads Face Lift

A thread lift is a procedure that uses a dissolvable suture to tighten and lift your skin. It’s a less invasive procedure than facelift surgery and can often be performed in under 45 minutes without needing to go under a scalpel. Polydioxanone (PDO) thread lifts use a biodegradable polyester suture. They’re best suited for rejuvenating your skin while some newer types of thread lifts are better at lifting sagging skin.

The presence of these sutures in your skin triggers cells in your body called fibroblasts to produce more collagen. Collagen is the protein that gives your skin its structure and elasticity and loss of collagen is one of the main causes of aging skin.

PDO threads can be divided into three categories:

1. PDO mono threadsSmooth sutures that help rejuvenate your skin by stimulating collagen production.

2. PDO cog threads: These threads have barbs that latch into your skin like small fishhooks, to provide support and lift parts of your face.

3. PDO screw threads: Made up of one or two intertwined threads, these are used to help restore volume to sunken parts of your skin.

A thread lift can treat most parts of your face that are experiencing signs of aging. The areas around your cheeks, jaw, neck, eyebrows and eyes are among the most commonly treated areas. We are also specialised for thefoxy eyes procedure.

Results typically last between 1 and 2 years.

BBL Brazilian Butt Lift (Bum Filler)

Non-surgical butt lift (also called bum filler) is a butt lift done without surgery. Instead of liposuction and fat transfer usually used in Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) -which are both invasive surgical procedures- a non-surgical butt lift instead uses injectable dermal fillers Hyaluronic acid to round, sculpt and shape out the buttocks in essentially the same manner that a surgical treatment would do.

It is an excellent way for you to safely and easily achieve the butt you have always dreamed of!

With Bum Fillers patients can expect to see a noticeable difference immediately after treatment. The final results of a lifted and volumized shape will be visible in a short period after the procedure.

Most people choose bum fillers to achieve better shaped buttocks and tone their curves, and also to enhance hip dips.

Other benefits of the non-surgical buttock lift include:

• Greatly enhanced curves and increased volume

• Better balance of physical proportions

• Sculpt and contour quickly and effectively the buttocks area

• Results are evident shortly after the procedure

• Last for up to 2-3 years

• Stimulates natural collagen production

• Reduces cellulite

• Safe and nontoxic, using ingredients already present in the body.

Fat Dissolving Injections

Introducing our Fat Reduction Injections, often referred to as a non-surgical chin lift or fat-dissolving injections. This innovative treatment harnesses the power of synthetic deoxycholic acid (naturally present in the body) or liquid lecithin (derived from soya beans) to target and eliminate stubborn fat deposits.

Key Features

Synthetic Deoxycholic Acid and Liquid Lecithin: The solution used in our fat reduction injections contains either synthetic deoxycholic acid, naturally found in the body, or liquid lecithin sourced from soya beans. These components work to break down and dissolve fat cells.

Achieve a Slimmer, Contoured Body: Fat dissolving injections offer a non-invasive solution for achieving a slimmer and more contoured body. Whether addressing the chin area or other localized fat deposits, this treatment provides targeted and precise results.

Long-Lasting and Sometimes Permanent Results: Experience the transformative effects of fat reduction with results that are not only long-lasting but, in some cases, permanent. This makes fat dissolving injections a compelling choice for those seeking enduring improvements in body shape and facial contour.

Discover more about this revolutionary treatment through our informative Q&A:

Q: What are Fat Reduction Injections, and how do they work? A: Fat Reduction Injections, also known as non-surgical chin lifts or fat-dissolving injections, employ synthetic deoxycholic acid (naturally present in the body) or liquid lecithin (derived from soya beans). These injections target and break down stubborn fat deposits, facilitating their natural elimination.

Q: What components are present in Fat Reduction Injections? A: The solution in fat reduction injections contains either synthetic deoxycholic acid or liquid lecithin sourced from soya beans. These components are carefully chosen for their effectiveness in dissolving fat cells.

Q: What areas can be treated with Fat Reduction Injections? A: Fat Reduction Injections provide a versatile solution for various areas, including the chin and other localized fat deposits, offering targeted and precise results.

Q: How do Fat Reduction Injections differ from other fat reduction methods? A: Unlike some non-invasive treatments, Fat Reduction Injections offer a direct approach by breaking down fat cells. This can result in long-lasting, and sometimes permanent, improvements in body shape and facial contour.

Q: How long is a Fat Reduction Injection session, and how many sessions are typically needed? A: Each session takes around 30 minutes, depending on the treated area. The number of sessions varies, with visible results often seen after a few sessions.

Q: Is there downtime after Fat Reduction Injections? A: Downtime is minimal. While some clients may experience temporary swelling, redness, or mild discomfort at the injection site, these side effects typically subside quickly.

Q: What kind of results can be expected from Fat Reduction Injections? A: Results vary, but many clients report a visible reduction in fat deposits and improved contouring. The effects are long-lasting, with some experiencing permanent results.

Q: Are Fat Reduction Injections suitable for everyone? A: While generally safe, Fat Reduction Injections may not be suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals, those with specific medical conditions, or those allergic to the injection components. A thorough consultation is essential to determine candidacy.

Embark on your journey to targeted fat reduction with confidence at The White Clinic Dermomedica. Book a consultation to explore how our Fat Reduction Injections can help you achieve lasting and precise results, redefining your aesthetic goals.


Our BSculpt machine is a powerful machine that helps build muscle and burn fat, with an output intensity of up to 7 Tesla and a high number of pulses. It delivers high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) pulses to the muscle tissue, creating supramaximal muscle contractions that activate more muscle fibres than what you can achieve through normal exercise.

This nonsurgical treatment can tighten, tone, and strengthen the large muscle groups of the abdomen and buttocks, as well as smaller body areas, including upper arms, hamstrings (under buttocks), thighs, and calves.

With a course of 4 treatments, muscle mass is increased by 16% and fat reduced by 21%. Results last up to 6 months, but can be maintained longer if combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

This treatment is not recommended for clients with pacemaker, during pregnancy or while breastfeeding , and for clients who have suffered heart attacks, strokes, or those suffering from epilepsy.

Cellulite & Drainage Treatments

Mesotherapy Strikecell

Cellulite Mesotherapy, meticulously crafted to enhance the appearance of targeted body areas, including the posterior, legs, and arms. This advanced treatment not only addresses cellulite but also works to improve microcirculation and aid in draining excess fluids.

We recommend a comprehensive treatment plan, with one session per week for 5-6 weeks to achieve optimal results. Each session focuses on a specific area, ensuring a concentrated and effective approach. Whether it’s the back of the legs, front thighs, arms, or abdomen, our Cellulite Mesotherapy is designed to sculpt and refine, promoting smoother, firmer skin.


Introducing Celluerase, a revolutionary treatment that goes beyond traditional approaches to address cellulite. This cutting-edge procedure involves the meticulous breaking and releasing of cellulite fibers using a special microblade. By implementing subcision, the bands of fibrous connective tissue responsible for cellulite dimples are separated, allowing the skin to naturally spring back and achieve a remarkably smoother appearance.

One of the key advantages of Celluerase is the immediacy of results. Once a specific depression is treated, it typically does not require further sessions, providing a lasting solution to cellulite concerns. Remarkably, a single session can often address around 10 depressions, offering comprehensive and efficient results.

Experience the transformative power of Celluerase at The White Clinic Dermomedica. Our skilled practitioners are here to provide personalized consultations and guide you through this innovative cellulite treatment. Book your session today and unveil a smoother, more confident you.


Cellulite & Drainage Treatments

KumaShape at The White Clinic Dermomedica, where we harness the power of advanced technology to redefine the contours of your body. KumaShape, also known as Velashape, is a revolutionary treatment, that combines infrared light, bi-polar radio frequency energy, endermologie, and vacuum technology to bring you a comprehensive solution for fat lipolysis, cellulite reduction, body contouring, body sculpting, and face & neck tightening.

How KumaShape Works:
This state-of-the-art technology induces deep heating in fat cells, surrounding connective tissue, and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. The result is a powerful stimulation of new collagen and elastin growth, leading to a localized reduction in skin laxity, body volume, and an overall enhancement in skin structure and texture.

Clinical Validation:
Supported by scientific research, a 2015 study highlighted that patients treated with KumaShape experienced significant improvements in mean circumferential reduction and skin laxity. Furthermore, a 2014 clinical trial reported average reductions in the circumference of the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs, showcasing the effectiveness of KumaShape treatments.

Versatility of KumaShape:
This innovative technology addresses a range of concerns, including fat lipolysis, cellulite reduction, body contouring, body sculpting, and face & neck tightening, making it a versatile solution for various aesthetic goals.

The Treatment Experience:
KumaShape treatments are both efficient and comfortable. The procedure typically lasts between 20 to 30 minutes, with no downtime afterward. Most clients describe the experience as painless, and the results speak for themselves. For those seeking a non-invasive solution to enhance their body contours, KumaShape is an excellent choice.

Safety Precautions:
While KumaShape is safe for many individuals, it is not recommended for those with a pacemaker, during pregnancy or breastfeeding, and for individuals who have suffered heart attacks, strokes, or those with epilepsy. Please note that KumaShape treatments are not recommended for individuals with varicose veins. If you have varicose veins or a history of vascular issues, we advise consulting with a healthcare professional before considering KumaShape or any other aesthetic treatments. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities, and we want to ensure that any recommendations align with your individual health profile.

Optimal Results and Free Trial:
Most clients witness optimal results around six to eight weeks after completing a full treatment series, with some experiencing positive changes even after the first or second session. To let you experience the transformative power of KumaShape firsthand, we offer a FREE TRIAL for all our clients.

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